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Please support disabled musicians in London in our fight against corruption and abuse

As you will read below Covent Garden, owned by Shaftsbury Capital PLC, have been making millions of pounds extra profit by deliberately excluding disabled performers from performing in Covent Garden by using mafia style tactics against vulnerable groups.


MP's in the shadow cabinet are now aware that Westminster City Council licensing department had ''Allegedly' 'corruptly assisted Covent Garden by drawing up a corrupt and unlawful street performance policy that directly discriminated against and prevented disabled performers from working quite legally in Covent Garden.

This appears to be the most blatant abuse of power from what must be the most corrupt public authority in the UK (Allegedly).


MPs have asked disabled performers in Covent Garden to report on conditions of abuse harassment and interference from private security or police and report back to them regularly while they await an amended, hopefully this time, honest and lawful policy.

This policy and on-line review will be scrutinised for corruption.

If the way the review was conducted is not in line with Government standards, which we are certain it was not, then any resulting policy decisions will again be unlawful.


There is likely to be litigation running into millions of pounds and a call for a Parliamentary investigation into Westminster City Council the MET and private security for abuse and corruption.

Contents of below email sent to Westminster Council and Covent Garden will explain everything.

The email explains how Deliberate discrimination of disabled people has made Covent Garden millions of pounds and how Westminster City Council made it possible, and how the Met Police assisted them.


My calculations are that by Shaftsbury Capital PLC, having their opera singers, circus performers and magic acts work for them for free, in other words they are not being paid, the acts were busking for Covent Garden on Westminster City Council run public streets and inside the old flower Mkt.

This is what Covent Garden, in conjunction with Westminster City Council, would have had to pay if they had (Allegedly) complied with the law and adhered to the Disability Discrimination act 1995 and allowed disabled performers to perform.

Opera singers two a day fee of £500 a day each 360 days a year + £360,000

Circus acts X 6 fee £400 a day each 360 days a year = £864,000

Magic acts X 6 fee £400 a day each 360 days a year = £864,000

(The figures used are for the average booking fee for a wedding or event, available online, and not earnings in Covent Garden which are going to be considerably less}


PA = £2,088,000 Two million a year that Covent Garden would otherwise have had to pay out.


I and many other disabled performers have been unlawfully prevented from performing in Covent Garden because we are disabled. Had disabled performers been given their rights then the amplified pitch (the main performance space outside Covent Garden) plus the performance space inside Covent Garden would have been shared with the disabled acts and Covent Garden would have lost approximately one million pounds a year in performance fees.

(The actual value to Covent Garden in associated business terms is calculated to be tens of millions of pounds a year that they gained by not allowing disabled performers)

Calculated over 8 years less Covid = Shaftsbury Capital PLC and Covent Garden have gained, conservatively,  several million pounds due to the discrimination against disabled performers.

Income losses for each disabled performer over this period amount to around £90,000 per performer.


This discrimination could not have taken place without the help of Westminster City Council licensing department policy directly and unlawfully stopping disabled performers from performing.

The policy was set up with the agreement of Shaftsbury Capital PLC, The Covent Garden Street Performers Association and Covent Garden Management. Each agreed to adopt a policy that they new would discriminate, harm, cause distress, and take money from the pockets of disabled people.

The policy was to stop disabled performers from performing as this would cost Covent Garden and Shaftsbury Capital PLC millions of pounds.

Warning: If there has been any communication with any organisation and Westminster Licensing with respect to the new policy (They are currently drafting) then the accusation of corruption is no longer an accusation, it is already proven?


This is pure corruption. Now do you see why so many lawyers want to take this case on and the case against TFL.

This is disability discrimination on an industrial scale because it is worth millions of pounds.

The next question is: Perhaps we now know why there are so many candy stores in the West End?


My accusation is: This licensing department is the most corrupt department of any public authority in England.

No disabled performer will abide by any policy or individual from this council ever again. They cannot, and should not be trusted.

I will be performing every day in Covent Garden and will now be seeking protection from the MET.

Until such time as there is a full investigation, and all litigation is complete. Any communication with WCC Covent Garden or any persons representing them will be deemed harassment and coercion into corruption.


J Smith

Beyond Disability

In the past the Metropolitan Police have willingly been used by Westminster City Council and Covent Garden in support of this unlawful and illegal policy, so will be under investigation once again for corruption.

The question is: Why were the Met so willing to assist Covent Garden management in robbing (my words) disabled performers and going about their lawful business?

Why have Covent Garden been reporting licenced legal disabled performers, only disabled performers, to the Met as protesters?

Answer: Because its worth Covent Garden millions of pounds to do so.

How is it possible for the Met to be used as a private Police force by a business to hide their millions and protect Shaftsbury Capital PLC against competition. Remember each disabled performer is also a licenced tax paying small business. By what authority has the Met police or a private security force managed by Covent Garden got to stop my lawful licensed business, and protect Covent Garden's business? As did The City Council. This is where the litigation is heading. Possibly also against the Met.


Each performer is a legal licenced business in competition with Covent Garden, the Met police were used to protect the business interests of Covent Garden by removing the competition. This also applies to the buskers. Every busker in Covent Garden is in competition with each other. Covent Garden used their own security people to remove disabled performers (small businesses) from the public streets around Covent Garden.

Have you any idea how the courts would react if a retail business had hired thugs to harass the business next door and attempt to drive them out of business? Then asked and received help from the local police?

It is not illegal to perform on the streets in the UK. It is not illegal to run a small business in the UK. No public authority can impose restriction on these freedoms without due regard to the law. Parliament even provides for the permitted sound levels for street performance.  These are freedoms provided to everybody by the supreme legal body in the UK, PARLIMENT.

Every Council has a duty to uphold the law, prevent nuisance and obstruction when it comes to any street activity. No public authority has the right to brake the law, discriminate against vulnerable groups protect one business against another, or use private thugs and the police to support unlawful activities by public authorities themselves.

The investigation should also focus on how much time and money the licensing department spent removing disabled performers against them not removing money laundering illegal, provable non tax paying West End candy stores. 

This may turn out to be the most serious case of abuse of power and discrimination and corruption in the UK ever.

The relevant press has been informed and are watching for the next big scandal.

(Amended 14/3/2024)


If you are a street performer disabled or not, and have ever been told you cannot perform in Covent Garden at any time during the last decade, by any private security or Westminster City Council employee. please get in touch.

We need date times and what was said. Please in future video all interaction with anyone who talks to you be in Police private security or council employee. Take note of time, their badge number etc.

This includes Greenwich Camden and Manchester City Council council who also unlawfully have no disabled Street Performer Policy so may also be liable for legal action and lost income.

If private security are used to enforce an unlawful activity, such as the WCC Street Performer Policy, the Police have a duty to investigate the private security firm, not you.

You may be able to join our group (class) legal action.

The principle of equality is - Equality of opportunity.

If you ask a wheelchair user to climb the steps to success, but omit the ramp, you have removed their equality of opportunity to be successful. Below you will read the consequences of an arts culture that perceived the ramp as only made of concrete or wood. In truth, the ramp can be as simple as just saying yes!

(John Smith 2024)

I am John Smith. I am a professional Swing Singer Saxophonist and radio DJ and have been most of my life. I have spinal stenosis and have had to use a wheelchair with increasing regularity for over 12 years. I am now bound to the chair for life.

The reason I perform in Covent Garden is because this is my job, and in the UK, despite my disability, I have the same rights to work as anyone else. I will not accept that people with disabilities should not be performing in front of an audience because it may make some people feel uncomfortable. The people that run The Old Covent Garden Flower Mkt & Westminster City Council in the past have stopped disabled performers by withholding legal access rights. Since 2016 I have fought on behalf of every disabled performer for equality equal access by offering a voice for those unable to speak for themselves.

Shout out to musicians & performers with a disability get in touch lets see if we cant help you get working.

Get in touch.

The organisation that control street performers in London can only operate their street performer and busking policy at the costs that they do, because they deliberately and knowingly discriminated against disabled performers young and old.

If they had acted within the law and included the mandatory aliments of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and thought about disabled performers as valued people. If they had any societal conscience what so ever, there would be many more disabled performers still working in London today.

In truth the welfare livelihoods and rights of disabled people were trashed so operating cost could be kept down.

Not only have disabled performers lost out financially with wages that should have been earned by disabled performers getting diverted into the pockets of abled bodied performers, but homelessness mental health and long term physical health of disabled performers undoubtedly has also suffered, 

My group ''Beyond Disability'' are currently battling disability abuse discrimination and disability hatred in Covent Garden.

Since 2016 not a single disabled musician has been allowed to perform inside or even in front of the Covent Garden Flower Market. You may think this is astonishing in 2024, but this is the reality for disabled musicians in London.

How can it be legal for Westminster City Council (WCC) to tell disabled performers that they are not allowed to perform on the designated amplification pitch, (This means you can use an amplifier) in front of Covent Garden yet, able bodied performers are! The truth is that it is not legal, yet WCC have been discriminating against disabled performers for over a decade forcing disabled performers out of work by deliberately denying them their legal rights to equality by withholding the support they needed and had a right to expect from a public authority.

Disabled performers have been threatened with arrest, told their performance gear would be seized and would be taken to court if they didn't stop working and complaining. All the above is illegal because the street performance policy was unlawful in the first place, and WCC new it.

Because of this treatment we have asked WCC to amend there street performance policy in line with the law. We have asked ''Shaftesbury Capital PLC'' the owners of Covent Garden for just 2 afternoons a week put aside for disabled performers to perform inside Covent Garden, managed independently by Beyond Disability. We still await a reply and a reason why they are still not allowing disabled musicians to perform inside the Market. Its your money they are doing it with!

This video was recorded in, and cleared for release by, St Pauls Cathedral. There is so much hatred of disabled performers in Covent Garden that rumors were deliberately started against St Pauls Cathedral accusing John Smith of not actually playing.  A consequence of this meant that

somebody or group in Covent Garden deliberately supressed income from these recordings, that should have gone to St Paul's.

For over a decade every evening, contra to the information on the ''The Covent Garden Street Performers Association'' (CGSPA) website, Saxophone players guitar players & singer songwriters have often performed in the old flower market, but not if you are disabled! Disabled performers young and old were banned inside the Covent Garden Market by making sure the support needed to help young talented budding disabled performers was never available to them.


Every night when a disabled performer asked for extra time to set up, it was denied. Every evening a disabled performer requested assistance, this was denied. Every time a disabled performer asked to be able to pre-book a performance spot, (a requirement for many disabilities & a prerequisite for disability support) this was always refused.

For disabled street musicians or those performing on the Tube and railway stations ''Blue Badge parking'' style disabled only time slots and pitches is the only way to achieve equal access to performance time for disabled musicians. In effect, this is our ramp.

TFL and Tube and main line railway station still wont allow disabled performers by not applying the access requirements outlined on this site...Click Here...

Our group offered to supply all of this free, but was refused. So this is pure discrimination.

For over a decade the money that should have been put into the pockets of young talented disabled musicians was kept from them by the CGSPA and Covent Garden management.

We as disabled musicians have faced harassment from Covent Garden security when performing quite legally, outside the market. Disability hatred from Covent Garden accusing young budding disabled musicians of not being disabled and not performing live. This is quite shocking.

Can you imagine how that feels for a young disabled musician trying to make their way? ''The Covent Garden Street Performers Association'' have continually refused better, more qualified, more experienced and more popular disabled musicians access to perform inside the old Covent Garden Market, supported by the Covent Garden Management.

Can you imagine how an abled bodied person would stand up to this onslaught in order to just go to work. Then please consider how a disabled person was supposed to fare?

I would say that Covent Garden and Westminster are becoming disability hate central in Europe.

The reputation of Covent Garden with tourists is tanking due to Victorian attitudes towards disability we all thought was relegated to the past, but not in Covent Garden.

Even today Covent Garden defends this diabolical treatment of disabled performers as some kind of despicable badge of honour.

For nearly a decade talented young enthusiastic disabled musicians have been discriminated against and had their opportunity to carve out their own future in the music business taken away, quite illegally.

The Covent Garden Street Performers Association were given exclusive management of the only amplified performance spot outside Covent Garden  and still refuse to put in place the legal requirements as stated here to allow disabled performers to use this spot. They then told Covent Garden private security to harass performers including disabled performers, as they tried to do to me, but failed, to get rid of them. This means The Covent Garden Street Performers Association kept all the income that should have gone to disabled performers.

If it's true that Westminster City Council supported this action, it means in all probability both above have committed a criminal offence and possibly fraud, not least serious disability discrimination to over 20 disabled performers that may end it litigation for these organisations.

This is the reason you see so few disabled musicians in London. They have been driven out of work by the kind of people that hold power in Covent Garden & central London.

A request is being made to TFL to set aside one afternoon a week on each London mainline station for disabled performers managed independently by Beyond Disability. This is so we can receive the rights held in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. These rights have been denied disabled performers for over 8 years with the corresponding income taken from us.

It took many years or the Disability Discrimination act to come into existence. It is Parliamentary law, not local law. It is supreme and yet, public authorities throughout the UK seem to think it is optional.

Parliamentary law noise limit levels......

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If you're a disabled musician with a desire to make a living as a performer, or add income while studying? All ages email us at:

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