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Dr Jazz Sax is London's premier & most visible disabled performer 

Disabled people have a right to work 

Public authorities in the UK have for years routinely ignored the law when making policy that involved disabled performers. In every case they have denied disabled performers their legal right to work. In every case they haven't even acknowledged the existence of disabled performers. The requirement for a licence for disabled buskers is not lawful as no public authority has complied with the Disability Discrimination Act in their busking policy and so can be ignored by all disabled buskers. This is truly shameful and only now is being challenged.

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Things that every performer disabled or not should know.

Disabled Performers Right To Work....

Public Authorities use thugs to illegally assault and abuse disabled performers for exercising their right to work...

UK Goverment have been giving misleading advice to disabled street performers and buskers.......

When the rules don't apply to street performers....

Copyright Law for Buskers.....

The legalities of busking.....

Harassment by private security in public spaces,,,,,,

Who is classed as a disabled busker......

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Yesterday I collected my electric wheelchair.

Many thanks to everyone who assisted and sent their good wishes and love. 

Special thanks to Leanne in Grays for the discount on the chair.

This means that a disabled performer is again visible every day in the Capital. I believe its important that people can visibly see that disability is not a barrier to achievement and life does not stop with a wheelchair. 

In 2022 after 10 years in a wheelchair I was able to start walking again, in November 2023 the spinal condition returned and a fall while performing in Covent Garden followed by a further fall down the stairs means I now have to use my wheelchair again.

Westminster City Council  (WCC) may have been  responsible for a spinal injury of a disabled busker.

All disabled performers have been advised not to follow the Westminster City Council performing policy as they did not follow the disability discrimination Act leaving disabled performers vulnerable, even refusing to keep video footage of the fall. They did not offer the correct advice to disabled performers nor do the legal checks to make sure all their performance spots were safe.

The BBC were sent details but have never bothered to get back, after all its only disabled people, RIGHT!

I have been working under the WCC entertainers policy for years and have consistently warned them about the inherent dangerous to disabled performers in their system and now ironically it is I who have really suffered.


Did you know? I legally changed my name to Dr, as is now written in my passport, so I could be legally known as Dr Jazz Sax! Dr is now my legal name, not my title. 

I am changing my name again to Dr Jazz Sax

The action I took really does upset the establishment, and it's supposed to. I believe you should be measured not by name or title, but by your deeds and what you bring to society. 

Did you know? Things are always better when you let a little Jazz into your life.

The essence of Jazz is freedom of expression through music. Being in the moment to fully express how you truly feel at that particular moment, just as a visual artist would, so a Jazz artist does through improvisational music.

Each piece performed against a theme is truly unique to that moment in time never to be repeated quite the same again. That's why historically so many Jazz artists took a public stand on equality and freedom of expression through deeds beliefs and religion, and why Governments the world over are so suspicions of Jazz artists. In fact any art that riffs on the moment and cant be controlled by the state.

When I perform in Covent Garden people often come around and film or record my music as a piece of performance art.

Am I pretentious? Of course I am! I am a musician why wouldn't I be. If I didn't have a belief that what I do is important and worth you giving me the time to hear it, then I would not keep on doing it. And because people give me their time, I try always to give my best every time I perform.

In the 1960's when the USA wanted to spread a particular brand of freedom across the globe, the way they did it was by sending Jazz and opera singers, and not politicians.

Did you know? To be a busker in central London you have to have a licence. You must have full public liability insurance with full right to work in the UK with all your details kept on a central Government data base. For the tube and Southbank you actually have to pass an audition!


That licence can be taken away, or in the case of disability rights activists such as myself, withheld, for any reason the state wants to. The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has denied me & other outspoken political thinkers disability activists & musicians a licence to earn a living playing our music on the tube since 2016.

If you know your history this is no different that the McCarthy political repression and persecution of activists for freedom in the USA 1950's to 1960's (Click Here)

I am no advocate for any one political party. But I am deeply concerned that we are being led sleepwalking into a society that is authoritarian. Where freedom of expression is under attack.

When you hear me perform in Covent Garden or Trafalgar Square please remember what your hearing is banned on the London tube because of who I am and what I represent. I represent freedom of musical expression. Something of an anathema to Sadiq Khan.

Beyond Disability Logo supports disabled musicians & buskers

Discover the untold story of disability discrimination & abuse of buskers throughout London....Click Here

I would like to put a little flesh on the bones

I have been candid about my health in that it does fluctuate. This means I am not sure from day to day if I in fact can work on any one day, and I now use a wheelchair every day, This is an  incredibly common health status of many disabled people making busking so important to disabled musicians. 

The reason I state that I feel TFL discriminate against disabled musicians is that they insist that disabled musicians book a pitch in advance and unless TFL have a clear written policy devoted to how they deal with common health disability status in order to establish equality for disabled musicians, they are probably braking the law, so cant possibly have me around as I would not hesitate to point this out to them and they would be forced to make changes. As I have done to Westminster Council. When was the last time you saw a wheelchair musician on the streets of London? There is a reason for that.

Did You Know? I am banned from playing on the Southbank and banned from the tube because of my disability activism and action against drug dealers on the Southbank when I worked as a volunteer in the local community. I discovered drugs being sold on the Southbank and called the Southbank management out on it, so had my buskers licence removed, with the help of the metropolitan Police. I am living proof of the corruption in keeping musicians the state don't like off the streets of London This is political in nature enforced with the support of the Metropolitan Police. As written on this website no public authority has complied with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in their street performers policy.

The practise of auditioning buskers using public money on the tube and Southbank makes it too easy to exclude people the Government don't want to be seen in public, like me.

These are not private productions, this is all public money, your public money keeping disabled people amongst others out of work. Sometimes using dubious commercial sponsors to add legitimacy. I would say London has now become one of the most authoritarian and corrupt cities in the world.

Did You Know?  I beat the London Mayor Sadiq Khan at his own twisted game. ''Busk in London'' is an organisation set up by the Mayor in order to legitimise the state denying political musicians the right to play political music.

I discovered that ''Busk In London'' had forgotten to buy their own domain name, '''', so I bought it and offered to sell it back to them for £25,000. They declined. It is though still for sale.

I also own - Also for sale to any organisation, or indeed Sadiq Khan to make up some of my losses when I was a disabled musician banned from the tube.

Did You Know? Anyone can be arrested fined or possibly imprisoned for playing music in the street in London without a licence. it's easer to play music in Moscow or Hong Kong than it is in London.

Authoritarian Governments the world over have a long history of banning music and literature by free and open musicians poets and writers.

And I bet you thought the UK was a free and open society.

Even in New York anyone can play acoustically (meaning without an amplifier as I do) anywhere without needing a licence, but in London you have to have state permission to play Jazz on the tube or subway and in the streets.

In London you have to have state permission to express your art through the freedom of musical expression even on the streets.

I arranged and played every instrument on this recording. Compare this with the buskers you here in London and ask why have I been banned from performing on then Southbank and the Tube?

Corrupt and authoritarian Governments have always attempted to silence free thinkers musicians poets and disabled activists.


About 10 years ago Westminster City Council took a London Bankside street poet to court to stop him from being a poet and having the audacity to perform his own poetry to the public. This is the kind of thing that we think only goes on in Russia and China, not so.

Of all the services WCC could have spent your money on, they paid lawyers and Barristers attempting to stop a poet from earning his living, AND paying his taxes as a poet. Fortunately the Courts saw what they were up to and struck the case out.


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