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The legalities of Street Performance

Who is classed as a disabled street performer?

According to the Mayor of London Sadiq khan Transport for London (TFL) and Busk in London

For the purposes of counting disabled buskers "disabled buskers are self declared as disabled."

To be a disabled street performer or busker in the UK, you just say you are, and then you are.

do you need proof? Not according to the London Mayor Sadiq khan or TFL. No proof required.


In 2017 I put in a freedom of information request to Transport For London (TFL) to find out how many disabled buskers were performing on the London tube and main line railway stations. After I received the answer I asked a follow-up question that was:

“What was the criteria used by transport for London to decide who and who was not a disabled busker?”

Get the disabled performers note..........


So the question as to how any authority makes the decision as to who and who is not a disabled street performer or busker and who can and cannot ignore any busking restriction has already been decided. The criteria for such a decision was decided in 2017 by transport for London and the mayor Sadiq khan.


The real truth of course must be that transport for London and the Mayor Sadiq khan did not tell the truth in their freedom of information request because of the following:

No court would allow the privileges and rights afforded a disabled person under the DDA95 unless you were disabled by the criteria laid down in the DDA95 Part 1, in other words. Yes Sadiq khan and TFL did not tell the truth in the freedom of information request, they broke the law in order to deliberately discriminate against disabled performers and not have any disabled performers visible on the tube and have been doing so since 2016.

If any public authority were to seek proof that a performer is a disabled street performer then they themselves would have to then act in accordance with the law and the DDA95. As no public authority has complied with the DDA95, then we know that for a disabled street performer at least, no lawful restrictions apply and for disabled performers, possibly all performers, restrictions are unlawful.

Copied from the Disability discrimination act 1995


Subject to the provisions of Schedule 1, a person has a disability for the purposes of this Act if he has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.


If the Mayor of London Sadiq khan, public authorities or any council had any regard for disabled people in any way they would have at least acted within the law, but they are not stupid. They all new they were braking the law and that this put a disabled performer back into a wheelchair that he had spent 2 years of his life escaping from.

Legal disclaimer

I am not a lawyer but have sort advice. Before any action is taken by yourself please get the advice of a lawyer beforehand. 

The advice on this site relates to and is for disabled performers as described in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995     Click Here...................

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