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Criminalising Disability

Public Authorities are restricting disabled people's right to work as street performers.

A number of local authorities have already started the process of criminalising disability by turning disabled street performers into criminals for the crime of going to work.

Westminster City Council (WCC) have started to harass disabled performers by having security guards gang up on them in Covent Garden, then covering their badges so they hide their identities. This may now be WCC policy to assault disabled performers until they go away or hurt them selves or worst die.

This started on the 18th Feb 2024 with video evidence for the courts of WCC paid security guards swearing and yelling at a disabled performer, then hiding their identity. This is a criminal offence by WCC towards disabled people,

The Royal borough of Greenwich are about to start criminalising disabled performers for being disabled.

beside the Cutty Sark. 

Camden Council are about to do the same.

This is because all these public authorities have introduced street performing policies that directly discriminate against disabled performers.

Is this an attempt to kill off disabled people by using untrained thugs dressed as security guards in the hope that these councils discrimination and brutal assault against disabled people will go unnoticed?

I am about to test how far these public authorities will go to criminalise disabled performers for exorcizing there rights to earn a living while exposing the discrimination against disabled people.

As a warning to all local authorities disabled performers will be performing on the streets inline with UK law with unamplified instruments and will film all interaction with security guards and police for evidence.

The Government has demanded that disabled people work for their benefits and as such we will be looking towards the Government to support all disabled people that work, including street performers.

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