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Manchester got it wrong, again

It is important that any advice given to buskers especially disabled buskers is correct. Manchester City Council have a page devoted to giving the wrong advice to buskers that could drop them into hot water.

Once again the City Council went ahead a discriminated against disabled people by not doing their homework just assuming disabled people don't matter.


I am no longer surprised when City Councils that shout about inclusion and equality tread hard working disabled people into the dirt while going about our lawful business because they just don't like what we do.

The challenge is that councils keep telling untrained security staff its ok to harass or even assault disabled people lawfully going to work as musicians and buskers.

My advice is to always use your phone to film any interaction with any security staff or Police that try to stop you lawfully going to work as a musician or busker.

Manchester City Council state on their website that a busker must not have any signs up......This is untrue.

A busker must have a clear sign stating what the tip on the card reader is if they are using a card reader, especially with the UK's busker app from Izettle. That has a unique reset function allowing the card reader to automatically reset its self so the busker does not have to stop playing.

By law the busker must have a large clear and visible sign stating what the card reader is set to. It must be at a height that someone who is elderly with limited sight can read and the card reader must be at a height that can be reached by someone in a wheelchair.

I have tested this and I use an A3 sign black bold letters on fluorescent yellow background.

This is to prevent any fraud and should be enforced by the City Council. The City Council should be making sure the buskers have a good sized sign when using a card reader otherwise the Council may be discriminating against disabled people and not protecting disabled people and disabled buskers. All councils hold a duty of care so if a council is imposing any kind of restrictions on any buskers, disabled or not, they hold a duty of care with respect to the outcome of those restriction. 

Tip sign.jpg
Guy Stewart inn Wheelchair London

Councils pay people who are supposed to know all about the intended and unintended conquests of any restrictions a council impose upon us. The council is entirely responsible for everything that happens with respect to limiting a disabled persons freedom to go to work lawfully.

If a city council in fact DOES NOT tell buskers they MUST have a sign as above, and a disabled person is not able to see the tiny letters on the card reader, then the council can be held legally liable for this. This is true for any consequences that stem from busking restrictions of any nature imposed by any council of any completion. Including Camden council London.

If any buskers get any hassle from untrained security guards council employees or Police please ask them to visit this page. They can contact the Mayors office in London for more advice or I can arrange training for the Council staff.

If any disabled buskers feel they have been abused, accused of anything that they did not do or have been hassled then get in contact ASAP. I am in touch with a law firm that may be able to help if a disabled busker has been accused of anything as the information on this site is already available to all councils so they have no excuse and should not be hassling disabled people going to work quite lawfully.

Set up.jpg

A typical sign card reader set up with two A4 signs and the reader at a height accessible to someone in a wheelchair.

When set up this way is shows that the busker is considering the needs of other people in making sure accessibility is catered for. Something Manchester City Council didnt do.

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