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Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution from street performers in London, is not a consequence of the act of street performing, in truth it is a failure of management.

The solution is very simple.

At Beyond Disability we as an organisation supply all the required amplification equipment for all street performers. This means we control the performance levels. The gear we use is remote controlled with all physical in board controls disabled. 


This means there can be no sustained overly loud performances as the performers in affect, have no control over the levels they perform at. We do.


On a railway station concourse the levels would have been already pe-set with the station management so as not to interfere with any announcements and cannot be changed.

We even have active sound abatement. This means the amplifier is constantly listening for a station announcement and instantly and automatically drops down the performers audio signal until the announcement is completed.

This can also be set for Blues and twos on emergency vehicles.


We are the only organisation willing to engage with authorities in proactively deploying physical measures to tackle noise pollution at source. YET

We are the only organisation that is not managing any street performers. But then perhaps this is not surprising as the organisations currently tasked with noise pollution are failing, and then passing on the blame. Or is it that we are disabled! How can a disabled person be better, more informed, more experienced than an able bodied person?

Wheelchair side view large

The reason I have to perform at the far end of Covent Garden is because disabled musicians have been banned from performing at the main part where performers are allowed to use amplification. So when you see me outside the Transport Musician, it's because Covent Garden have told me disabled musicians are not allowed to perform in the main part of Covent Garden. This is managed by the Covent Garden Street Performers Association and Westminster City Council. 

Wheelchair Side View

This method also has the advantage of disabled musicians not having to carry amplification equipment on their wheelchairs.


This means greater access, with more involvement, more inclusion and equality built in.

Westminster City Council are re-vamping their street performer policy because they failed to control the noise pollution. THEY FAILED.

Covent Garden Street Performers association are getting noise complaints because they FAILED to control noise pollution. THEY FAILED.

TFL out source their busking management and don't supply equipment, and never allowed wheelchair disabled musicians to work. They FAILED to control sound levels on main line stations. THE FAILED.

So why are we spending our money allowing this obvious failure in management when the solution is available?

Perhaps because that solution involves equality for disabled musicians run by disabled musicians.

The failure to control street performer noise pollution is a failure of management.

The use of technology, its embrace and knowledge of use is the solution. But then to understand that, you would need to be a better manager, with a greater understanding of technology with the grit to get it done at ground level. Not sitting around comfortably in an office! Happily failing with no consequences.

No wonder the failed management are trying to put disabled musicians out of work! We are better at their job than they are.

So Beyond Disability are throwing down the challenge. Can the current management do better? Of course not they have already failed, they have had only 8 years to get it right.

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